• Phoenix Fire Reiki Circle

    Come experience a unique way to connect to your own healer within
    This Reiki circle is an open place for sharing and bringing awareness to the healing energy of Reiki
    -We will start with a welcome prayer and I will open space for healing awareness
    -We will perform simple Breathing Techniques to connect Heaven to Earth bringing your energy from your Crown chakra down to your Root  
    -We will open up our Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit by doing 4ALCHEMY Energy Movements 
    -We will connect to our 4 Energy Fields and determine which energy field we need to work with that evening
    -I will conduct a 4Card Oracle Card Reading for the Group Energy 
    -You will select an Oracle Card to open up healing awareness 
    -We will share our connection to the card you selected and share any energetic expectations 
    -We will set up a crystal healing grid and i will offer healing attunements as the group sits in self-care reiki poses
    -We will end with sharing our experience and closing the space